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Bench PowerSupply

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Ive increasingly found I need a better power supply while working on my Arduino projects. 

So here is my version of the standard ATX power supply conversion wrapped in a nice metal case I had laying around.



The Dogs ........

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My two puppies,

Chloe the German shepherd and Tika the Utonagan.

Unfortunately we no longer have Chloe. But Tika is in great shape and a great companion.



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This is my take on the Arduino platform.

It plugs directly on to the side of the breadboard bringing all the data and analog pins directly on to the board with the 5v and ground rails.
Its my first home made double sided board and in fact only my second home made pcb using the toner transfer method. There are a few bits I can improve on the pcb layout such as movong more of the traces to the top side of the pcb. It took two attempts to get the top and bottom mask aligned but finaly I got them almost spot on.

Android widget connected via the web to Arduino

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This is my first Android application.

I thought I would combine it with my ongoing weather station Arduino project.
Taking the xml generated by the Arduino project and displaying it on the home screen of my HTC Hero in a simple self updating widget.

Maps of Selsdon woods

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These maps are based on the old map published by Croydon Council.
I have used a vector drawing application, Inkscape, to reproduce them and update the paths.

These are A4 landscape maps, Click on the map for a full size image.

CCM / Armstrong MT500

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My current bike is an MT500. These were bult by CCM for the military.